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Briefing & Resources

The intellectual capital of an organization is one of its greatest assets in solving supply chain problems and providing superior service. A distinguishing feature of our sales support team is its depth of product knowledge when it comes to wine packaging solutions.

It also helps that we have immediate access to Amorim’s wealth of global resources for quality assurance, research and development, and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Downloadable Forms

Amorim Credit ApplicationPDF Format | 8k

Amorim Art Specifications (Body Brand)PDF Format | 381k

Amorim Art Specifications (End Brand)PDF Format | 311k

Amorim Resale CertificatePDF Format | 48k

Cork Tech Sheets

Natural CorkPDF Format | 307k

ROSA-Treated Twin Top©PDF Format | 305k

ROSA-Treated Neutrocork©PDF Format | 299k

AcquamarkPDF Format | 313k

SPARK©PDF Format | 281k

SPARK ONE©PDF Format | 787k

T-Cork©PDF Format | 325k


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Our Sales Team

We are here to earn your trust by providing products that outperform the competition and bring added value to your brand. Heading up our U.S. operations are Pedro Fernandes, General Manager, and Vance Rose, Director of Sales & Marketing.

Pedro Fernandes- General Manager - E-Mail
Fernandes, a native of Portugal with undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering/logistics and business, has held key management positions with Amorim & Irmãos since 2001. His talents and ability to oversee complex manufacturing processes, which includes quality assurance and “just-in-time” delivery, are significant. These are crucial skills when you consider Amorim provides billions of closures each year.
Territory: U.S. and Canada
Vance Rose- Director, Sales & Marketing - E-Mail
Vance got into the retail wine business in Beverly Hills and upon graduating from USC, he set a plan to work in all three tiers of the wine business: retail, wholesale and production. He returned to Texas to open his own retail wine and spirits store and after four years sold it to work for a wine distributor. After five years of running their business in central Texas, Vance went to work for the Fetzer family selling their wines in the central U.S. Fetzer sold to Brown Forman, a major liquor company, and he was then recruited to run national sales for Rosemount Estate from Australia. This precipitated a move to Sonoma, CA where Rosemount was headquartered and Vance began dabbling in home winemaking. Seven years and 2 million cases later, Rosemount sold to a corporate wine company in Australia and Vance went on to help start Donum Estate in Carneros and then formed Ehlers Estate in Napa Valley just north of St. Helena. It was there that Vance began to make wine commercially. Since then Vance has started different labels including Grieve Family Winery, Double Eagle and H. In January of 2011 Vance joined Amorim Cork America, the largest supplier of wine cork in North America, as the Director of Sales and Marketing.
Territory: U.S. and Canada
Bill Loftus- Sales Representative - E-Mail
Napa Valley, Northern Sonoma County, Mendocino County. New Mexico.
Chris Smolen- Sales Representative - E-Mail
Northern California, Oregon, Illinois, Colorado, British Columbia.
Steve Kemiji- Sales Representative - E-Mail
California: Napa Valley, Sonoma.
Adam Sensney- Sales Representative - E-Mail
California: Delta, Central Valley, Sierras, Sonoma Coast, Central Coast.
Brad Brunson- Sales Representative - E-Mail
Northern America: Eastern Region.
Courtney Curti- Sales Representative - E-Mail
California: Napa Valley, Sonoma.
Robin Miller- Sales Representative - E-Mail
California: Napa Valley, Sonoma.
Chris Olsen- Quality Assurance Manager - E-Mail
Napa, California.
Ashley Chilton- Sales Administration - E-Mail
Napa, California.
Kelly Beckstrom- Sales Administration - E-Mail
Napa, California.
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